Students should appreciate iPhones

The iPhone 5 has officially arrived on campus. Many students have their new toys on display in classrooms and dining halls, some still with the protective plastic wrap in place. Students with the “old” iPhone 4 are debating the relative merits of the new model. But what about those students with no iPhone at all? […]

New iPhone not for everyone

Apple has been up to a lot recently. In addition to releasing the iOS 6 update with a revamped map and a “do not disturb” option, Apple has people clawing to get the new iPhone 5, so much so that pre-orders for the iPhone 5 sold out in less than an hour of its public […]

Samsung and Apple battle for South Korean market

In the last week, South Korean smartphone subscriptions have surpassed 20 million. As smartphones become an integral part of more and more peoples lives, the competition within the smartphone market has become increasingly intense, as competitors such as Samsung and Apple fight for dominance. This figure, however, does not necessarily reflect if Samsung actually surpassed […]