Public smoking ban could worsen issue

Last Tuesday, Russia began a stand for health by partially passing one of the most stringent smoking bans in Europe, which would outlaw all smoking in public places. The proposal sailed through the State Duma — the lower house of Parliament — but will have to pass in the upper house and earn President Vladimir […]

Letter to the editor

USC must ban all smoking  Though California boasts the second lowest rate of adult smokers in the nation and many American college campuses have banned smoking, USC is still bafflingly hesitant to issue an anti-smoking policy. USC should ban smoking on campus because it is unfair for non-smokers, who are the majority, to involuntarily breathe […]

USG resolution to recommend more designated smoking areas, enforcement

Undergraduate Student Government formally joined the debate over establishing a smoke-free campus Tuesday with the introduction of a senate resolution that recommends adding more designated smoking areas in addition to clearly marking them and enforcing them. The resolution, which was authored by Greek Senator Andres Guarnizo and Residential Senator Marissa Roy, will be voted on […]

Possible smoking ban is progressive

Recently, there has been much debate over a possible smoking ban on campus. The implementation of such a ban has the potential to raise USC’s prestige as a progressive university committed not only to debate and discussion, but also to action and implementation. As a private university, USC has greater jurisdiction over such matters than […]