Professors speak on prospects for public diplomacy

Two USC professors and a visiting scholar spoke about the changing way governments and their citizens communicate Wednesday at an event hosted by the USC Center on Public Diplomacy. Philip Seib, a professor of journalism and public diplomacy at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and professor of international relations at the USC Dornsife […]

COLUMN: Social media cleanses foster better personal connections

Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with my mother over text when suddenly she wrote, “got to go,” and stopped texting me back. Not only did I secretly wish she had written “g2g” just for the laughs, but I was also confused about why she couldn’t have just responded to me later when […]

Buzzfeed dilutes serious journalism

The saying goes that if you do something 21 times, it will become a habit. With that in mind, something this semester that has been more ingrained into my life as, embarrassingly enough, attending all of my classes. That was my New Year’s resolution and I’m happy to say that my goal to increase my […]