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The art of stress-free productivity

As college students (especially at a high-ranked university such as USC), we are constantly faced with intense pressure and stress to achieve high grades and accomplishments that might bring us closer to our career goals and post-grad aspirations. Whether studying for exams, or preparing projects, presentations, homework, interviews, there’s always an upcoming deadline to face, […]

COLUMN: Faculty senate shouldn’t have rejected fall break

Despite an attempt by student government leaders, the university administration has rejected a proposal this year for the implementation of a fall break. Undergraduate Student Government has tried for two consecutive years now to encourage the administration to provide students with a two-day fall break in the middle of the semester, both times failing to […]

Mental health services need refocusing

USC  often shows great concern for the well-being of its students, but the university seems to have focused mainly on physical health and neglected to consider students’ mental health, which has been a growing concern at colleges across the United States. According to “The American Freshman: National Norms” Fall 2010 annual survey, freshmen emotional health […]