Student-athletes must take caution before unionizing

As the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s March Madness draws to a close — and takes with it millions of adoring college basketball fans — the conversation surrounding student-athletes and how they are treated and perceived on college campuses is only just revving up.   A different college sport, yet one just as lucrative as men’s […]

Foreign athletes face unique challenges

With college sports becoming a booming business in the United States, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the players who are often viewed as celebrities or “big men on campus” are, for the most part, no different from any other college student. Though most student-athletes are recognized primarily for their athletic endeavors, all of them […]

Athletic programs don’t deserve blame

We begin this academic year boasting a football team poised to sweep the national championship and bring in millions of dollars for USC. But even on our spirited college campus, many students challenge the merit of athletic programs, adding to a growing debate over the place of athletics in an academic atmosphere.   Across the […]

USC revives the ‘student-athlete’

I have a confession to make. For four years now, I have been trying to mask the obvious with every key stroke and article produced. But before entering the campus walls in August 2008, I had no love or, for that matter, respect, for the USC athletic program. I didn’t grow up going to the Coliseum […]

Scholar athletes deserve to be paid by schools

Student-athletes are some of the hardest working individuals on college campuses. In some cases, athletes are up before dawn to attend early morning weight training and practices. After practice, they are expected to attend a full day of classes, before repeating the schedule the following day. Without a doubt, college athletes are living demanding lives. […]

Just keep swimming

Mike Nyeholt (right), the original inspiration for Swim With Mike, thanks children for attending the swim-a-thon Saturday at the McDonald’s Swim Stadium. The event, now in its 30th year, raises money for scholarships for disabled student-athletes. Besides the traditional swim-a-thon, the event also featured a silent auction, live entertainment and a barbecue during football practice.