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Letters to the editor

USC after-hours medical care needs urgent reform As USC shifts toward a residential community, it must adapt to meet the health needs of its students after business hours. The current system is in dire need of reform. Twice now this year, my roommate and I have faced health issues USC failed to address because of […]

Holiday weather offers students quirky workout opportunities

With Thanksgiving gone and winter holidays quickly approaching, it’s an ominous time for fitness and health. Cold weather, a surplus of baked goods and an atmosphere of vacation are more than enough to keep college students curled up in blankets and sweaters, drinking hot chocolate and not thinking about exercise. Health more than likely isn’t […]

Letter to the editor

Healthy food options needed A common complaint among USC students is the lack of healthy, nutritional food options around campus. There are no markets that offer entirely fresh, organic produce within a mile of school. The nearest healthy, organic market is far and unreachable to many students. USC should open an organic market on campus […]

USC should emphasize cleanliness

The university issued an email to all students Wednesday before the UC Berkeley football game about an outbreak of mumps at the California campus. Many USC students traveled to Berkeley for the Weekender trip and could have brought back this virus.  The email warned students to be aware of the common means of mumps transmission: […]

Possible smoking ban is progressive

Recently, there has been much debate over a possible smoking ban on campus. The implementation of such a ban has the potential to raise USC’s prestige as a progressive university committed not only to debate and discussion, but also to action and implementation. As a private university, USC has greater jurisdiction over such matters than […]