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From the editor: Spring 2017 Daily Trojan supplement

During a time when the current Title IX protections become vulnerable under the current presidential administration, it is important that the University continues to uphold and expand upon its efforts to combat sexual assault.

The neighborhoods within

Divisions mark the 4,752 square miles that comprise what we consider to be “Los Angeles.” After all, the county includes 158 cities. And the city itself is composed of 87 neighborhoods. What’s more, most neighborhoods have a definite character that carries with it various perceptions and stereotypes. The University Park Campus, in many ways, is […]

Researchers making a difference

By Sophia Lee Writing a research paper need not involve labor-intensive and time-consuming readings of texts. Instead, imagine videos, images, colors, graphs and speech lighting up each page. Words might be non-linear and color-coded, linking to relevant information and visuals. And perhaps, it might even pique enough curiosity in the reader to start a discussion. […]

Molding minds to mold minds

Funded through grants and private donation, the School of Education sees its research thrive on small and large scales.