College humor around sexual violence needs to stop

Women at Miami University received a nasty surprise last week when a flier emerged in a men’s bathroom of a co-ed freshman dorm describing the “Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape.” The flier featured suggestions from slipping drugs into a girl’s drink to climbing through a girl’s open window, and concluded with a […]

Importance of scores and soundtracks often overlooked

Imagine Inception or The Social Network without a soundtrack. Inception would be a slow-moving, boring film with too many Leonardo DiCaprio close-ups, and Jesse Eisenberg and Co.’s fast-paced whines would be much more audible, and thus annoying, in The Social Network. Both of those movies feature intense, prominent and well utilized scores, and both were […]

Oscar contenders are predictable choices

Out of all the award shows in existence, the Oscars is probably the most anticipated. Yet the announcement of the 83rd annual Academy Award nominations last week came about just as critics predicted, with only a few, not very notable exceptions. Winter’s Bone filled what some saw as the wild card slot in the 10-film […]