Executive orders a vital step towards equal pay

It was Equal Pay Day. And instead of paying attention during an international relations lecture, I was passionately retweeting the White House.   “‘There are commentators out there saying that the pay gap doesn’t even exist … It’s not a myth, it’s math.’ — President Obama #FairFutureNow,” tweeted President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama signed […]

Kal Penn discusses APA identity

Asian American producer, actor and civil servant Kal Penn spoke about the empowerment of all students to openly connect and discuss their own ethnic and cultural identity in Bovard Auditorium Monday. Penn was the keynote speaker at the Asian Pacific American Student Assembly’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival. Each year, APASA and its member organizations celebrate […]

Income equality has risen for women

A study released this year by the Department of Labor Time Use found that full-time men work more than five percent longer per week than their female counterparts. The same study explains that women are 34 percent less likely than men to be self-employed and own only 28.7 percent of American businesses. Yet, many Americans continue […]

‘We The People’ gives citizens new voice

The White House plans to release a new online petition initiative called “We the People,” a new way for citizens to make their voices heard. According to the White House press release, any petition receiving more than 5,000 signatures within the 30-day allotted time period will be officially reviewed; the Obama Administration will then issue […]