Despite worthy attempt, play falls short in flavor

“Have you eaten yet?” is the way the Chinese greet each other, and that is the way Gloria B (Esther Scott) is greeted by Richie Po (Dennis Dun) in the play Po Boy Tango, written by Kenneth Lin and presented by the East West Players at the David Henry Hwang Theater in Little Tokyo. Forget […]

Comedy highlights quirky ensemble cast

Writer, director and producer Sebastian Gutierrez adds indie comedy to his long résumé of thriller and horror films with Women in Trouble. Premiered at the 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival, Women in Trouble, which was shot in only 12 days, captures the modern dilemmas of women in an almost satirical manner. Gutierrez uses the […]

Flower mart an evergreen LA fixture

Hidden in the grid of Downtown Los Angeles, the LA Flower District boasts the title of largest flower wholesale district in the country. Comprised of two main flower markets and individual stores, the district contrasts towering concrete structures with the overpowering smell of plants and people. The Southern California Flower Mart, located on Wall Street, […]

Carroll faces most difficult challenge yet

Nothing compares to the challenge facing coach Pete Carroll right now. Not preparing for an undefeated Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. Not getting ready to face Vince Young in the Rose Bowl. Not convincing prized recruits to come to USC rather than another school. Not assembling one of the greatest offenses in college football history. […]

Americans focused on the wrong hunger problem

Can you believe it’s been one year? A full 365 days! Fifty-two weeks! Two seasons of G’s to Gents! Yes, believe it or not, an entire year has passed since the great chocolate milk debacle of 2008. Last year in Barrington, Ill., the school district voted to eliminate all flavored milk products from the lunch […]