Overstepping bounds with eye black rules

Who knew that freedom of speech doesn’t extend to facial accessories? OK, so the Bill of Rights doesn’t guarantee one’s ability to provide shoutouts during college football games by writing messages on eye black ­— those small, dark strips you see your favorite players wearing just above their cheekbones. And as history has shown, if […]

Album poises locals for breakout success

Local Natives is an energetic five-piece whose fame train seems to have gained enough steam to carry these Los Angeles locals into a much larger eminence. The band recently made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, secured a spot on the top of festival bills with My Morning Jacket and even found itself […]

Google’s failed plot for world domination

These days it might seem like Google is a villain in the style of old pulp adventures, plotting to take over the world from its secret lair. Googleplex isn’t an underground, Ken Adams-designed base and CEO Eric Schmidt isn’t Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but the analogy isn’t far off. The Internet and software company has been […]

Weekend Picks

thursday, february 18 Divine Demons: Wrathful Deities of Buddhist Art Noon — 6 p.m. > Norton Simon Museum > $8 For students seeking to enrich their understanding of world religions or explore their individual cultural backgrounds, this L.A. museum provides an ideal opportunity by featuring an exhibit with fang-bearing, demonic Buddhas in sharp contrast to […]