Trojans could use an energy booster

Being tired sucks. Your outlook on everything changes. Your productivity, your efficiency, your excitement — they all go down. All you want to do is finish your day and get to sleep. But sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you’ve got class from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., work until midnight and a few hours of homework […]

Londoners ring in Year of the Tiger with food and fireworks

On the eve of London’s Chinese New Year celebration, Trafalgar Square stood empty. Standing at the top steps of the National Gallery, I relished this rarity, knowing full well that by noon the next day, every inch of the concrete-covered Downtown space — which is around the same size as Los Angeles’ Pershing Square — […]

Feeling out different handshake styles

At some point in college, handshaking becomes an almost essential part of making someone’s acquaintance. It starts to feel positively inadequate to just smile and say hello. The recent frequency and variability of my handshaking encounters has led me to wonder: Why do people shake hands in the first place? Why do some people shake […]