Novel delves into gritty Los Angeles personalities

With an area population of nearly 10 million, it’s easy to focus on some of Los Angeles’ more beautiful and prestigious residents. But Broken, written by J. Matthew Nespoli, takes a look into the morbid lives of the underrepresented and unlucky. Nespoli’s novel follows 14 individuals whose lives of constant struggle somehow become intertwined. Although […]


Music fans from across the city gather in E.F. Hutton Park and Founders Park for the second annual KSCR Fest.

Battle studies

John Mayer performs “Daughters” at the Staples Center on Thursday night. His set ranged from songs on his newest album, Battle Studies, to older songs from Room for Squares. Candice Harbour | Daily Trojan

Issues of gender equality play out in Hollywood

Despite her recent best actress win at the Oscars, Sandra Bullock has faced devastating marital woes in the foreground of camera flashes, outshining what was supposed to be a momentous occasion in her career. The story plays out like your typical Hollywood cliché: On her upward climb to Academy success, the beautiful A-list actress spends […]