Students should heed the dangers of speed

Valerie Yu

Spring break may be just around the corner, but this week, midterms take center stage. It’s times like these that the fear of falling behind pushes some to extreme measures — sometimes in the form of Adderall, a psychoactive drug commonly prescribed to treat attention deficit disorders. It’s more often than not used as an […]

More students should look toward P.E. classes

A universal fact about college is that when midterm season rolls around, the stress levels among students rise exponentially. This midterm season, I have noticed, has been particularly stressful for students as the projects, papers and exams pile up. I fell victim to this last week as I tried to master time management to keep stress […]

Diversity initiatives doomed without student momentum

Diversity is a pretty word. At face value, the word conjures up images of middle-school illustrations of differently colored people holding hands, standing on top of a badly drawn globe. And perhaps it is this view of diversity as a superficial ideal of American pluralism that drives the growing discrepancy in diversity conversations between students […]

University demography fails minority students

Lida Dianti

“So, what are you?” Typically, this question is posed to people whose racial identity does not fall under European origin. However innocent in nature or well-intended, such an inquiry adds insult to injury. Not only are people of color “othered” by their non-whiteness alone, but they also are obliged to explain themselves and to reduce […]

Millennials must make their own milestones

Today is my birthday. It is a birthday I have been looking forward to for at least a decade because it is also my golden birthday. I turn 22 years old on this 22nd day of February. I’ve been told that this birthday is an insignificant one. I celebrated the most monumental one last year […]