COLUMN: More pressure means millennials need help

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Our generation doesn’t get enough credit. A recent Washington Post article claimed that millennials were the most coddled of all generations of college students because we had both helicopter parents and universities that were making the experience too easy. The article states that online registration, a […]

COUNTERPOINT: Common App alternative is just a smokescreen to hide educational inequities

When scores of colleges across the country — known as the Coalition for College Access, Affordability and Success — announced the adoption of a website and set of online tools as an alternative to the now-pervasive Common Application, many equity advocates endorsed the deal as a groundbreaking new plan to increase college accessibility for underprivileged […]

POINT: New admissions application makes college more accessible

Recently, more than 80 universities — including all eight Ivy League schools — announced their adoption of an alternative to the traditional college application process. The new application, helmed by the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, allows students to develop digital portfolios as early as the beginning of their high school careers. Expected to […]

COLUMN: Do politicians in Los Angeles make the grade?

In elementary and middle school, report cards were always effective in influencing student progression. Even then, however, complaints arose arguing that report cards weren’t accurate measures of determining development. But in a greater sense, that’s untrue. Report cards allow assessment of character highs and lows, specific areas for improvement and overall achievement. That’s why creating […]

COLUMN: Faculty senate shouldn’t have rejected fall break

Despite an attempt by student government leaders, the university administration has rejected a proposal this year for the implementation of a fall break. Undergraduate Student Government has tried for two consecutive years now to encourage the administration to provide students with a two-day fall break in the middle of the semester, both times failing to […]

COLUMN: Free speech isn’t under attack on campuses

When I proposed the idea of a column based on freedoms at universities, my editor and I both felt that we were taking a risk on finding enough material to run a biweekly column. However, it appears that freedom of speech has become a rather fashionable topic in media narratives concerning college campuses in America. […]

Changing wage gap starts with youth

I have always stood by the fact that I am not a feminist. While Beyoncé and Emma Watson sing and speak about how their political beliefs influence their work and the way they encourage women, I believe that they could do all those same things without labeling it “feminism.” Despite the fact that I’m a double […]

COUNTERPOINT: Proponents of diversity shouldn’t be so quick to criticize ethnic studies veto

Last Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed bill AB 101 advocating ethnic studies in the California school curriculum. Drafted by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, the proposal aimed to promote learning objectives centered on inclusiveness. Though the bill introduces many aspects of education absent from the system so far, more faith should be placed upon the Instructional Quality […]

POINT: Brown’s ethnic studies veto fails to provide support for students of color

The past month has been rife with diversity debates here at USC. After our Undergraduate Student Government president’s experience with a racially motivated attack went viral, inciting more students of color to share their experiences on campus, many have proposed systemic changes to greater incorporate diversity into the University, be it through a vice president […]

Motor voter bill holds partisan motivations

For the past decade, Los Angeles has been plagued with upsetting records of low voter turnout. When citizens fail to exercise their right to play a role in the electoral process, they forfeit their ability to criticize the process’s main working components. It’s been years, however, since California policymakers have truly taken a bipartisan initiative […]