Food options leave students in the dark

What’s for dinner? It’s a question that’s perplexed mankind on a daily basis since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, if you’re a USC student, the correct answer is “nothing on campus during the weekends” ­— unless you’re lucky enough to have a meal plan for either of the decadent dining halls on campus. Currently, all […]

H1N1 partiers play chicken with the swine

There are only so many ’80s-themed parties one can attend before American Apparel runs out of gold lamé spandex pants and shoulder pads stop being ironically funny and start being a regrettable fashion statement. It’s only natural that students start branching out to new theme party ideas, but it’s not long before everyone and their […]

Online forums hurt USC’s reputation, student image

Standing proud in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, USC boasts top-rated academic programs, a football team that seizes Rose Bowl titles and a student body that is active in more than 260 university-sponsored community service programs. Not to mention those “A” rankings for our drool-worthy dudes and gorgeous girls, according to College Prowler. The […]

Detractors dress up as celebrities for Halloween

Cobwebs and carved pumpkins take their places on front porches. Using the holiday to justify their less-than-appropriate fashion choices, girls search tirelessly for the perfect modified workers’ uniforms (this year, I hear the Foxy Firefighter will be especially big). As always, kids on sugar highs dressed as witches, goblins and ghouls will soon be running […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Daily Trojan, As leaders and members of the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Assembly (GLBTA), the LGBT programming branch of the Undergraduate Student Government, we are frankly offended by the editors’ opinion column in Monday’s Daily Trojan. It is extremely disrespectful to us to declare that we have not been serious about reaching out to […]

Time for Greek, GLBT groups to come to the table

One of the most sensitive — and most important — issues facing our university community is how gay and lesbian individuals are treated in the Greek system. Over the last five years, a trickle of complaints regarding this matter has become a steady flow. The issue was highlighted in a letter sent to the Daily […]

Pope makes savvy move to liberalize church

Last week Pope Benedict XVI announced the creation of a new policy, the Apostolic Constitution, which allows Anglicans to enter the Roman Catholic Church while maintaining their traditions. This unprecedented measure caught the world by surprise, sparking much speculation about the policy’s motives and consequences. The pope’s nuanced strategy will further engrain the church’s current […]

If the president could respond with candor

Last week at a town hall meeting in Louisiana, fourth-grader Tyren Scott asked President Barack Obama, “Why do people hate you?” Obama smiled. There was no chink in his armor. It was a loaded question, yet Obama answered in stride. He told Tyren that he still had a lot of supporters and that people must […]