Parents of celebrities throw propriety aside

As we grow up, our relationships with our parents can be quite difficult to manage. The phone calls they insist we make everyday, the birthday wishes that so often slip our minds and the inconvenient trips back home all contribute to the constant activity and intense stress levels that college students already face. Sure, there […]

State Democrats face formidable roadblocks

There are very few Californians who still approve of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger — at least when it comes to politics. That’s why the state’s upcoming gubernatorial race has sparked such a wide range of responses. Some are excited, hoping for change; others indifferent, knowing that no single person could possibly undo the vast array of […]

Nikias is the best choice for Sample’s successor

Replacing a president of Steven B. Sample’s caliber won’t be easy. His leadership and poise have launched this university to unprecedented heights. Though Sample has accomplished much, his work is anything but finished. In the hectic interim, it is critical that USC selects the right candidate to carry on Sample’s legacy. The search seems daunting, […]

Letter to the Editor

Why don’t you tell me what’s going on? One of the reasons that the USC football team has problems adjusting to the adversity of raucous crowds on the road is because the USC athletic administration eradicated the familiarity of performing under adverse conditions during the spring of 2006. Perhaps some football fans can remember how […]

Students should have input in successor

On Monday, USC President Steven B. Sample announced his retirement in August, bringing an end to a 19-year tenure marked by great achievement in the academic, athletic and financial profiles of the university. The progress made under Sample’s leadership is easily quantifiable — the school’s ranking has risen from 51st to a highly respectable 26th […]

Letters to the Editor

Cross purposes We have recently become aware of an event sponsored by the USC College Republicans on tonight, in which David Horowitz will be brought to our campus to give a speech entitled “The Campus War Against Israel and the Jews” as part of a yearly campaign entitled “Islamo Fascism Awareness Week” that he does […]