Toyota skids off course, but is not completely lost

The past couple of months have thrown a series of speed bumps at the Toyota Motor Corp. First, the auto manufacturing giant was forced to recall 3.8 million vehicles in October to replace faulty floor mats. Within the past month, the car company recalled 2.3 million vehicles to repair gas pedals, and last week it […]

USG election endorsement: Cheng-Ogbevoen

The candidates that assume the mantle of the Undergraduate Student Government president and vice president face the taxing responsibility of reconciling the workings of a complex institution with the needs of a diverse student body. Although some of the candidates have listed their many combined years of USG experience, undergraduates need a ticket that is […]

Letters to the editor

Student manager not solely to blame Yes, Stan Holt’s actions in the game against Oregon were ill-advised and dumb. Yet, I disagree with Jon Haber’s arguments (“Student manager was out of place,” Feb. 1, 2010) on two terms. Holt cost the team a technical foul due to his reactions to a call by the referee […]

Ambitious proposal a little too green

When I’m craving some In-N-Out, a BJ’s pizzookie or Diddy Riese, Westwood is my destination. With a car full of people, I make the trek to Bruin land and usually park in the parking structure on Broxton Avenue. The lot is often busy, so I drive past the long, empty row of spots reserved as […]

This Chinese language fad too, shall pass

Prevailing wisdom states that proficiency in multiple languages is an invaluable tool for experiences like studying abroad or perhaps making a good impression; Americans admire those who have managed to become fluent in at least one language other than English. But to others, like our European counterparts, being fluent in at least two languages other […]

In appreciation of the Greek community

When you think of a USC fraternity or sorority, what’s your first reaction? Most perceptions of Greek life involve excessive alcohol consumption, money spent on gratuitous partying, hazing of members and other negative stereotypes. Last weekend I affirmed that these perceptions are often hyperbolic truths that can be attributed to any campus group but unfairly […]