Newlyweeds changes pace of stoner films

With Shaka King’s feature-length directorial debut, Newlyweeds follows the journey of a marijuana-reliant couple who are struggling to get by in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  The gritty comedy may not be one of the most humorous stoner films, but its weighty subject matter provides an important contrast of the experience and consequence […]

Marijuana debate clouds reality

The arguments claiming that decriminalizing marijuana will end the influence of Mexican drug cartels and bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue are incessantly echoed in America — and both were strategically used this year to successfully convince voters to legalize the drug in Washington and Colorado. Students, especially, have been quick to embrace […]

Marijuana use possibly linked to specific type of testicular cancer

USC researchers have found a correlation between recreational marijuana use and the possibility of getting specific types of testicular cancer, according to a study published online on Monday. The study, published in the American Cancer Society’s journal, cautioned that therapeutic use of marijuana by young men could possibly result in a higher risk of getting […]

The marijuana debate is just getting annoying

April was a big month for drugs. From Rihanna rolling a blunt on top of some guy’s head at Coachella to Santa Cruz’s renowned 4/20 celebration, people of all ages, cultures and beliefs got together to enjoy themselves. So why is marijuana legalization taking so long? April also saw leaders meet for the Summit of […]