Prohibiting discriminatory behavior

The Kappa Sigma fraternity at Duke University threw an “Asia Prime” party on February 1, resulting in their suspension by the school. Prior to the party, Duke’s Asian American Alliance brought up complaints, leading to the party being renamed (instead of being cancelled altogether) to “International Relations.” Yahoo! News posted a picture of the e-mail […]

Dressing up means expressing yourself

As I looked around my friend’s East Coast dorm room, something caught my eye — or rather, the absence of something. It was an item that I had taken for granted, an item that I presumed every college student — at least, female college student — was in possession of. A costume box. Apparently party […]

Charity events can raise more funds without alcohol

You know the scene: It’s game day, and you’re at a tailgate on campus.  Between the tailgates and the crowds, people wander around looking for fresh recyclables. You finish off a beer and hand it with a nod to a person with a large black trash bag. For some USC students, this is the most […]

Implementation, not awareness, is the issue

The USC south area Residential Education staff, which covers Pardee Tower, Trojan Hall, Marks Hall and Marks Tower residence halls, is currently hosting Alcohol Awareness Week, a week full of activities that will educate students about alcohol safety. On Sunday, the residential staff kicked off the week with a barbecue social. Students discussed alcohol- and […]