UPDATE: LAPD response angers students, raises questions

UPDATE: Photos from the scene, courtesy of USC student Christopher James.    Multiple USC students were detained after approximately 70+ Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a noise complaint at a student party early Saturday morning on 23rd and Hoover streets, according to several student accounts. At approximately 2 a.m., the LAPD officers arrived at […]

Students must be wary of LAPD violence

Three incidents of police violence caught on tape that emerged last week have renewed a decades-long controversy over how the Los Angeles Police Department conducts itself. One incident, captured on a cellphone, involved 20-year-old Ronald Weekley Jr., who police officers said was skateboarding on the wrong side of the street in Venice. Weekley refused to […]

Increased surveillance sign of extreme paranoia

In Oakland, Calif., big brother is watching. Police officers in certain cities around the country are now allowed to wear video cameras the size of pagers on their chests. It seems like a good enough idea; police actions with the public will be subject to monitoring, and evidence can now be provided in the utmost […]