SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action a detrimental step

The Supreme Court has the double-edged task of preventing the tyranny of both the majority and the minority from infringing on the Constitutional principles enshrined in law for more than 200 years. When the Court places too much faith in either of these bodies, democracy runs afoul of its true purpose at best and has […]

Senate wrong to block civil rights nominee Debo Adegbile

According to every Republican, as well as seven politically weak Democrats in the Senate, defending an African American man from the death penalty is enough to disqualify someone from leading the civil rights division of the United States Justice Department. Yesterday, the Senate voted 52 to 47 to prevent moving to a final vote on […]

Courts enforce liability

California Supreme Court’s decisions have caused concern among USC students.

Students react to high court

A recent poll found that more than 81 percent of millenials support same-sex marriage.