USC Tuition Through the Years

For the first time, the University of Southern California’s tuition will be over $50,000 – an estimated $1,978 increase from 2015-16. Here’s an interactive graph showcasing USC’s tuition since 1954.

USG introduces resolution on college tuition

Members of the Undergraduate Student Government presented a resolution on college affordability at the Senate meeting Tuesday night. The resolution, drafted by USG President Rini Sampath, Academic Cultural Assembly assistant director Luis Vidalon-Susuki and USG marketing assistant director Paul Samaha, suggested greater transparency in University finances. The resolution asks for a tuition freeze, an interactive […]

Students must learn from loans

For most students, college is the first time that they are on their own. This freedom entails more than just living away from their parents and guardians — for many students, it means being cut off from continuous financial support.