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Relay for Life exemplifies alcohol-free fundraising. 

In response to the article “Charity events can raise more funds without alcohol” on Jan. 24, there are a number of charity events and organizations on campus that are alcohol-free.

One of these is Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. Every year, more than 800 students, faculty, alumni and community members go to Cromwell Field for 24 hours to raise money for cancer research. This event raises more than $100,000 for the American Cancer Society. Colleges Against Cancer, the planning committee for this event, strives to find entertainers, speakers and activities to make this event enjoyable as well as meaningful.

Articles that ignore our event and the others like ours are both discourteous to us as well as the student body. Alcohol is not necessary for students to be passionate or to donate time and money to causes. Though many organizations do throw parties, parties are hardly organizations’ only efforts at activism. This newspaper should award more respect to the wide variety of philanthropy on campus.

The 2012 USC Relay for Life is March 31 to April 1. Visit relayforlife.org/uscca for more information.

Christine Anderson

Co-Recruitment Chair, USC Relay for Life


“We Are Considerate” campaign falls on deaf ears.

I have been — like so many other professors and students walking to classes or meetings on campus — nearly knocked to the ground by students on bikes or skateboards.  The “campaign” to promote courtesy has had zero effect on these human missiles, who aim straight for anyone in their way.

Is it going to take serious bodily harm to someone to finally end this reign of terror by rude, selfish and reckless members of the “Trojan Family”?

Not long ago, I was walking my small dog near Taper Hall, favoring my right foot after a botched surgery. I stopped to fix my dog’s leash. A young man on a skateboard behind me came close to colliding with me. He swerved around me, made rude comments and zipped off on his skateboard. I shouted after him that he was supposed to “be aware, be courteous.”  He shouted back, “I’m an associate dean, I can do whatever I want.”

It isn’t just this rogue would-be administrator. It’s absolute anarchy out there. Why do we all have to be put at risk because of this extraordinary sense of entitlement?

Carol Muske-Dukes

Professor of English

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  1. Anon
    Anon says:

    Honestly, from a Professor of English I’d expect much better. You of all people ought to know the power of words. When you start throwing literary bombs like “human missiles” and “absolute anarchy” don’t you understand that you’re part of the problem. Your sense of entitlement is equally unreasonable as the skateboarder’s hubris when he nearly hit you.

    To say that bikers “aim straight for anyone in their way” just absolutely demolishes any shred of credibility you might have had. Bikes and pedestrians share the road, and frequently without issue. The problem comes when people aren’t attentive, bikers and pedestrians included. If you walked into someone while texting on your phone or fumbling in your bag, would you blame that person? When a pedestrian is nearly hit by a bicyclist because the pedestrian is wandering across the street without taking proper stock of their surroundings, it’s not the bicyclist’s fault.

    The same goes for bikers and boarders. Do you see what your ineptitude has created? DON’T ride your bike with a coffee in one hand, a poster in the other, and your phone held up to your ear by your tilted head. And please be aware that we need to SHARE the road. If the small number of bicyclists who drive unsafely do not shape up, the vast majority of us who ride cautiously will suffer. Don’t you see? Its people like this English professor who appeal to HYPERBOLE to gain influence…and THEY ARE GAINING INFLUENCE. The new bike study at USC is a front to make it seem like the inevitable bike ban was carefully planned and logically implemented. Stay vigilant and ride safe so that crazies don’t have any more excuses to write letters like this!

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