USC fraternity hosts Relay for Life benefit concert

Alpha Phi Omega, a USC fraternity, is hosting a Relay for Life benefit concert on March 7 for USC’s upcoming Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a 24 hour American Cancer Society event where people camp out and walk or run around a track to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember […]

Letters to the editor

Relay for Life exemplifies alcohol-free fundraising.  In response to the article “Charity events can raise more funds without alcohol” on Jan. 24, there are a number of charity events and organizations on campus that are alcohol-free. One of these is Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. Every year, more than […]

Springfest, Relay need to coordinate dates

Springfest is what brings us together. It is that glorious time of year when every non-Californian USC student can pretend he is on The O.C. assuming the show was ever edgy enough to land a performer like T-Pain. The annual attraction is eagerly awaited by students because of the food, comraderie and performances. Unless, of […]