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Bike policy changes exaggerate problem

Nothing seems to attract more attention from the USC administration than bikes. Over the past several years, it has attempted to implement countless bike policies, including the most recent one designating bike lanes along Trousdale Parkway as part of the “We are Considerate. We are USC.” campaign. The bike issue, however, is an exaggerated problem […]

Letters to the editor

Relay for Life exemplifies alcohol-free fundraising.  In response to the article “Charity events can raise more funds without alcohol” on Jan. 24, there are a number of charity events and organizations on campus that are alcohol-free. One of these is Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. Every year, more than […]

USC’s flexible approach to bikes progressive

The walk to class every day is surprisingly tricky. Anyone who has walked on campus knows to be aware of the multitude of wheeled vehicles that weave precariously among pedestrians in a frenzied mesh of near-collisions and last-gasp rushes for the start of class. USC has had a longstanding bike problem, and the few changes […]