Take flight with your own food options

I have been flying a lot lately. As much as I love traveling in an aerodynamic, gravity-defying machine used to transport people, I am not a fan of all the crazy rules and regulations that are mandated. More than anything, what is the deal with the expensive airport food — or, if you’re on a long […]

Student-athletes must take caution before unionizing

As the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s March Madness draws to a close — and takes with it millions of adoring college basketball fans — the conversation surrounding student-athletes and how they are treated and perceived on college campuses is only just revving up.   A different college sport, yet one just as lucrative as men’s […]

Trojan Trends — April 1

“I like to add a pop of color to my everyday black.” — Stephanie Cipres, senior majoring in health promotion.   “Dress colorful and more lovely.” — Joanna Chen, sophomore majoring in financial engineering.   “I choose my outfit according to the weather and season.” — Choon Siong Tan, senior majoring in mechanical engineering.   […]