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Fashion, art and culture collide with copyright issues

Los Angeles Fashion Week was just amongst us. The nine-day event began March 9 and ended March 18th. The event tied fashion with television series’, charity associations and other cultural inspirations. Friday wrapped up the event on a trendy note with the GO Red for Women Celebrity Red Dress Fashion Show for the American Heart […]

One Direction popularity could bring back boy bands

It’s true that boy bands reached their peak of popularity in America during the 90s before fading out in the early 2000s. There has been the occasional resurgence with groups like the Jonas Brothers, V Factory, Big Time Rush and the fresher, less well-known Mindless Behavior. These artists, however, have not (and could not have) […]

The Temper Trap prepares to release new music

The Temper Trap has been in Los Angeles for the past two months recording its second album, The Temper Trap. The self-titled album will have 12 new songs, first released in Australia and New Zealand on May 18. The U.S. will be able to purchase it on June 5. The El Rey Theatre welcomed The […]

Woody Allen’s film gets title change (again) and release date

Woody Allen’s upcoming film, which was once titled The Bop Decameron and was later changed to Nero Fiddled because the director feared the title would be too obscure for audiences, has received another title change. The prolific director has now changed the title of his film to the much more conventional To Rome with Love. This […]

Silent House disappoints despite technical mastery

If anything should set off warning lights, it’s a horror film based around a gimmick. In a genre that already has a tendency to appear creatively anemic, a simple shakeup in presentation is one of the most viable ways to attract the attention of audiences. It’s at this point, though, that potential viewers should be […]

Jeffrey Lewis misses the mark in new comic strip

For the blog Opinionator’s “Anxiety” series, Jeffrey Lewis made this comic strip and accompanying essay, jointly titled, “A Song of Woe, Gone Viral.” In each piece he tells the story of his song “Anxiety Attack,” which since its 2005 release grew from small potatoes to a minor viral phenomenon, receiving several music video interpretations, all by basement filmmakers […]

WonderCon debuts new must-see trailers

Though ComicCon may be better known, WonderCon, which wrapped Sunday in Anaheim, Calif., coaxed film studios into releasing trailers for upcoming films. For sci-fi and fantasy films, 2012 looks better than 2011. Now that we leave January and February behind – the dregs of the film year – we can look to spring and summer to […]

Barbie Doll: The evolution of Mattel’s iconic toy

The debut of the old time favorite Barbie was unveiled in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair. A confession most can’t make at first glance— but it is nearly impossible to ignore the darling Barbie doll. Back in the mid-20th century when the doll was first designed, it took almost ten years to develop […]

The Pretty Reckless releases enjoyable EP

She’s got one of the most conflicting images in Hollywood. With her original innocence as Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and her good-girl-gone-bad act on Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen tends to leave audiences confused —her personas are different even as she dazzles with every performance. And when Momsen’s band, The Pretty […]