“IT” does Stephen King’s original novel justice

It is an example of what horror movies should be: fun, exhilarating, terrifying, humorous. Far too often, horror films nowadays rely on shock value, whether it be through excessive gore or obnoxious jump scares. While It may employ the occasional jump scare, the film instead tends to rely on atmosphere, tension and suspense to keep […]

COLUMN: Speeches are not enough, Hollywood

It is oddly coincidental that President Donald Trump’s ban against immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries took place on the same weekend as the Screen Actors Guild Awards, bringing on the full wrath of Hollywood on Sunday night. Those present at the ceremony condemned the ban in their own ways. One of my favorite protests was […]

REVIEW: The Founder explores story of flawed McDonald’s founder

Concentrated on the strengths of this man who stole a business from others, The Founder explains McDonald’s founder Ray Croc’s success, engaging the audience to think for themselves if this triumph is extraordinary and worth revering. The movie begins in 1954, as Croc (Michael Keaton) is not yet an underlying force of fast food empire, […]

REVIEW: Split thrills with its dark plot and horror

M. Night Shyamalan has had a mixed history in film. His career has seen many ups and downs, including commercial and critical hits (Signs and The Sixth Sense) as well as egregious missteps (The Last Airbender). After a few unsuccessful years, Shyamalan redeemed himself with the release of the 2015 film The Visit. The Visit, […]