Growing into the woman I am today

After learning about women’s triumphs during the suffrage movement, the sexual revolution and decades of civil rights work in history classes, I saw sexism as antiquitous.

Experiencing imposter syndrome as an international student

For that is the thing about the foreign: It only remains such until one experiences it, shakes its hand, shares a laugh with it. Perhaps there are aliens living among us, but not to worry; for all we know, they might be more human than our own judging eyes trying to set them apart.

The Bar-On Brief: Increased competition among universities will ease student debt

Think of the worst customer service you’ve ever experienced or the worst quality food or product you’ve ever purchased. Chances are whoever interested you into buying the product could afford not to put as much effort into pleasing you. In other words, the interaction or purchase was your choice alone — there were no competitors.  […]