Letter to the editor

In response to “Petraeus unfit to mentor USC students” As veterans pursuing MBAs at the USC Marshall School of Business, we are troubled by Jayel Aheram’s article, “Petraeus unfit to mentor USC students,” in the Daily Trojan. First of all, it should be made clear that Mr. Aheram does not speak for the entire USC […]

Does the US need to intervene in the Syria conflict?

The U.S. has a moral responsibility to aid those suffering in a civil conflict and stop the use of chemical weapons.  According to CNN, last week’s chemical attacks in the Syrian province of Aleppo might have been carried out by the Syrian army, though the army insists that it was the work of rebels. In […]

Is military withdrawal from Afghanistan the right choice?

Removing more than half of America’s troops from Afghanistan will allow the government to focus on other matters. Tuesday night, in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced the withdrawal of 34,000 American troops from Afghanistan. Though the decision comes with concerns, drawing down the number of American troops in Afghanistan is […]

Plastic surgery doesn’t define person

There’s no denying it: All around the world, the culture of nip and tuck is being cultivated, grown and blown up to epic proportions. A fascinating dichotomy arises, one where a plastic surgery culture of outer beauty and covetousness exists next to issues of insecurity about our frail bodies and an itching sense of dissatisfaction […]