USC has produced exciting moments

When I first applied to USC in the fall of 2009, I figured I was applying to a school that would continue its athletic dominance — specifically in football — across my four years in college. Pete Carroll was still the head football coach and a freshman phenom named Matt Barkley was showcasing the promise […]

USC to lead the pack with defense

When you think of smash-mouth defenses in college football, it’s hard not to rattle off a list of SEC programs that come to mind. Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU — all of these names carry a distinct aura of having the type of physical ballhawks and devastating strength in the trenches that evoke a certain brand […]

Trojans will thrive in playoff system

It’s no secret that brand names drive TV ratings in sports. The NFL, the NBA and college football are all the same in this regard: Big names sell tickets and draw attention. As legendary as Boise State’s victory over Oklahoma was in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, it was also one of the lowest-rated games of […]

Voting policies require continued oversight

One might think that by year 2013, the question of whether or not people of color can vote in public elections would long have been relegated to the history books. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of the past alone. It appears that the Supreme Court is poised to strike down section five of the […]

2013 class flies under the radar

When the dust finally settled on national signing day, there was plenty to talk about. Between watching ESPN’s all-day coverage and scrolling through thousands of Twitter posts, there was never a dull moment in tracking the decision-making process of the nation’s top high school football players. National signing day has been in existence for decades, […]

Trojans can get back into the BCS equation

By now, you’ve likely heard a pundit mention that one team or another controls its own destiny. Just what does it need to do? Run the table. This is college football speak. This has been uttered before. This is hackneyed. But this also pertains to USC. What this means is: If a team can win […]

A weekend guide to college football

USC’s archrival Notre Dame faces Navy in Dublin, in the Emerald Isle Classic on Saturday. Former Trojan running back Amir Carlisle, who transferred to the program last January and is eligible to play immediately after his hardship waiver was approved, will not play in the game due to injury. The Fighting Irish will also be […]

Alabama tightens immigration restrictions

The state of Alabama recently passed a new law further restricting illegal immigration. Although the Federal court blocked parts of the immigration law, Alabama’s law is still stricter than that of any other state. Among portions blocked by the federal court were requirements for public schools to check students’ immigration status. Provisions of the law […]

USC claims all-time bowl victory lead

USC now holds the most bowl victories for any college football team after Alabama lost an appeal of an NCAA ruling that eliminates football victories from the 2005-2007 season.