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GOP should acknowledge ACA success

Several days ago, a survey by the Associated Press in Time Magazine found support for President Barack Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, at 26 percent (its lowest in its four-year lifetime). The national media howled, including this excerpt from a Fox News article:   “President Obama is struggling to stop the steady slide […]

Trojans managed their talent poorly

Go ahead and argue the expectations were too high. Feel free to question whether USC, once the Associated Press’ preseason No. 1 team, was overhyped heading into this season — that a top-10 rank in August was unbefitting for this group. But before you rant about premature predictions from the summer, before you declare that […]

Artists should turn to history for inspiration

The outcome of the presidential election not only decides the new leader of the country, but also the course of events for the next four years. Each time a new president steps into office, they assume responsibility for decisions that could affect the country far beyond their term. By opening an American history textbook, citizens […]

Beyoncé to headline Superbowl halftime show

The Super Bowl halftime show is set to get another boost from a pop superstar after it was confirmed Tuesday that Beyoncé will be headlining the performance. While there had been some speculation that the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman would be the next to perform at one of America’s largest televised events, the Associated Press was […]

Former Trojan Cushing suffers torn ACL

Former Trojan standout linebacker Brian Cushing suffered a torn ACL during a Monday night contest between the Houston Texans and the host New York Jets in East Rutherford, NJ. Injuries in professional football are certainly commonplace, but Cushing’s injury in particular brings with it a fair amount of scrutiny because it occurred due to a […]

Undefeated No. 12 Ohio State mirrors 2010 USC team

During the last four weeks, the parallels between 2012 Ohio State in its first season of sanctions and 2010 USC were becoming a little too eerie. Both teams fumbled through their first four games, narrowly beating teams they should have obliterated and shakily clinging to their undefeated status, with pollsters still pinning them around the […]

Blaming film hinders free speech rights

Obama has simply added fuel to the fire, in the process essentially giving anti-democratic leaders in the Middle East justification for cracking down on speech and individual liberty — concepts without which there is no hope of establishing sustainable democracy in the region.