Questions abound after ruling on union

On a recent exam in my sports business class, we were asked to answer only one question on the entire test: What would happen if student-athletes were paid? Though the actual prompt was a little more nuanced, that was the gist of it. My answer was — and is — that it would be logistically […]

From the archives: Trojan Olympians play Conquest during Games

 Original Date of Publication: Aug. 28, 1984 After every medal, milestone and memory had been sufficiently recounted from this summer’s Olympic Games, another special group of athletes that went virtually unnoticed also brought home the gold to its loyal followers. This diverse team, comprised from such athletic powers as the United States and West Germany, […]

Avoiding injury bug is the key for USC season

USC coach Lane Kiffin announced Sunday that media members would no longer be allowed to report practice injuries of any sort, saying it put USC at a competitive disadvantage. So the general public will no longer know which Trojans sat out practice, which ones appeared to be hurt or which ones spent their day on […]

Injuries should not impede working out

Injuries, especially for athletes, are among the worst disruptions to personal exercise regimens. They not only inhibit physical movement but also muddy your outlook for the future. The whole world seems to stop and every little thing you used to do, every little step, every gesture, requires painstaking effort. How on earth do you stay […]

Many USC athletic achievements unseen

Matt Barkley. Dwight Lewis. Jennifer Song. These are students known for their athletic talents. They get recognized with scholarships and accolades. You’ve even read about them in this space. But it’s been a goal here at “Spittin’ Sports” to draw your attention to some of the lesser known but equally talented athletes on campus. Today, […]