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Pedestrians should play equally important role in their own safety

USC’s pedestrian safety campaign has been doggedly trying to instill a sense of accountability in the large contingent of cyclists and boarders on campus. But and equally important component of pedestrian safety is pedestrian accountability. Somewhere down the line, there seems to have been a subtle injection of an us vs. them mentality into the […]

Bike policy changes exaggerate problem

Nothing seems to attract more attention from the USC administration than bikes. Over the past several years, it has attempted to implement countless bike policies, including the most recent one designating bike lanes along Trousdale Parkway as part of the “We are Considerate. We are USC.” campaign. The bike issue, however, is an exaggerated problem […]

For Trousdale’s sake, take biking seriously

Following Wednesday’s Bike Summit and DPS Safety Fair, a group of LAPD officers on bikes happened to be predatorially perched on Jefferson Boulevard and McClintock Avenue, ready to cite law-despising cyclists. While it might not be right for officers to prey on bicyclists, it’s also not right for bicyclists to completely ignore standards of etiquette […]