Small things can help change your food life

We’re in the midst of food crisis in America. No, not our lack of legislation to protect small, independent farmers, not the growth of fast food and obesity and not the factory farms and slaughterhouses in this country that look more like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre than somewhere we get food. These are all problems, […]

Budget woes continue in California

Lawmakers in Sacramento failed to reach a consensus Thursday on how to solve the State’s mounting budget deficit. Gov. Jerry Brown had hoped to receive a minimum of four republican votes in order to mandate a special election on maintaining tax increases, implemented in 2009 under then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Currently about half of the State’s, […]

Republicans put California’s future at risk

For USC students, there might be no more important battle being waged than the one in the California legislature over this year’s state budget. This week, negotiations broke down after Republicans presented Gov. Jerry Brown with a list of 53 new demands they say must be addressed before they will vote on whether to allow […]