Student robbed near campus, loses cell phone

Shortly before 2 p.m. on Monday, a student heading south on Catalina Street was robbed by a male suspect in his late twenties, according to the Department of Public Safety. The suspect jumped out of a nearby car, tore her phone from her hands, jumped back in and sped away. The student remained unharmed. Police […]

University of Colorado offers questionable defense tips for women

On Monday night, the Department of Public Safety at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs posted a list of 10 tips to help female students defend themselves against rapists. These “tips” have created a large debate as it includes controversial advice to female students such as informing their attacker “that you have a disease […]

What should the university’s approach to security be?

The last year at USC has been marked by two major violent crimes: the tragic killings of two graduate students in April and the shooting on Halloween night. USC was also marked by increased security measures, both on and off campus. The Los Angeles Police Department added extra patrols in addition to 30 officers, a […]