Women should voice their opinions more freely

Throughout my youth, I’ve loved to write. When I was just a kid, it made no difference to me that I still struggled with English. From short stories scribbled in tacky notebooks to poems scrawled onto restaurant napkins, writing was a release for my cluttered mind. My words flowed freely without censorship, and I spilled […]

Fisher garden sheds light on censorship

With controversial films like The Master and Savages hitting theaters and dominating box office profits, it’s easy to take creative liberty for granted. We live in a time where if you want to take your vision and bring it to a big screen or canvas, no one can really stop you. Decades ago, however, that […]

Weinstein Company sacrificing story to make a profit

#$%&, @#$%, #$&* ! The uninhibited stream of four-letter words might be the best line in the Oscar-winning screenplay of The King’s Speech, not for its profane content, but for the raw emotion Best Actor winning Colin Firth puts behind it, portraying a Prince (and future King) of England letting down the wall of propriety […]

Cyber censorship exposes the Chinese

Google’s recent decision to stop censoring results on its Chinese website and redirect Chinese users to its uncensored Hong Kong site has caused substantial contention among various communities. The Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, denounced Google’s apparent objective and moral façade. The company is “not a virgin when it comes to values. […]

Can government stop Internet freedom?

While earthquakes, health care reform and Tiger Woods have dominated mainstream news in the last months, there’s another story that has been steadily making waves in the international and online world — Google vs. China. In January, Google claimed to be the victim of a hacking attack that originated from computers in China. In response, […]