Personal finance IQ pays big dividends

If you think soft money is the dollar bill you dropped in the pool and a stock portfolio is a fancy folder, you’re not alone. Many college students don’t have the kind of personal finance savvy to guide them to a debt-free life. Knowing how to spend, earn and save money is as essential to […]

College brings new friends, ditches old

The unofficial relationship handbook describes multiple ways to break up with a significant other: via Facebook relationship statuses, texts, instant messages and Post-it notes. But when it comes to friends, there isn’t much literature about how to go about ending a relationship. When two friends have an argument, they deal with the matter alone. Most […]

Fake candy hearts found at USC year round

Despite being married to an attractive older woman, Ashton Kutcher recently voiced a surprising opinion. “I hate Valentine’s Day,” he said. I couldn’t agree more. The rose bouquets, candlelight dinners and inevitable movie dates to see Dear John. Barf. But while a romantic trip to The Lab (or the 2-9) might be just enough to […]