Paying Congress more will not solve problems

It was a statement that only a Congressman who isn’t up for reelection could make. “I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid,” said Representative James Moran, a Democrat from Virginia who is retiring at the end of this session, in an interview with CQ Roll Call. For background, […]

GOP should distance itself from Tea Party

“A Plan to Save the Republican Party,” is the headline for Daniel Altman’s latest article in Foreign Policy. In it, the economics professor at the Stern School of Business describes the growing rift that began with primary challenges to Republican incumbents and most recently climaxed with the standoff over defunding the Affordable Care Act. Altman […]

Politics needs nonpartisanship

I am not an Independent. On the vast majority of issues, I find myself squarely to the left of center on the political spectrum. I registered to vote as a nonpartisan. I did this because being nonpartisan does not make one independent on issues of policy — it makes one independent on issues of politics. […]