Constant construction is integral to progress

To borrow a (slightly modified) phrase from the library of overused sayings: Troy was not built in a day. The endeavor of raising a building does not come without resistance from the forces of gravity, entropy and human error. Therefore, students should consider construction on campus as an improvement rather than an annoyance. This creation […]

Self-expression needs venue

USC’s nickname, “University of Summer Construction,” bears a great deal of truth. Distinguishing our school as a place of summer construction is not necessarily a bad thing. We should recognize USC as a place of transformation in which students play an important role in a university driven by a desire for progress. What we make […]

Warner Construction employees protest selection of new Rossier building contractor

Employees of Warner Construction gathered at the intersection of Jefferson and Hoover this afternoon to protest the USC Rossier School of Education’s selection of Warner Construction to build new office space in the AT&T building in downtown Los Angeles.  According to an official statement from Rossier, Warner Construction was permitted to choose from a range […]