Memorial services for two students to be held

Memorial services will be held in honor of the recent deaths of junior Xinhai Huang and senior Samuel Levine this week. Huang, a 22-year-old junior majoring in psychology, died March 17 in a two-car collision approximately five miles southeast of University Park Campus. Levine, a 22-year-old senior majoring in psychology and a member of the Sigma […]

Online piracy poses little risk to business

When 26-year-old computer programmer and political activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide last Friday, news of his death spread across the Internet with the same speed as the viral videos and the applications he had helped to produce. At the time of his death, he faced unnecessarily harsh felony charges entailing a possible 35-year sentence and […]

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Highlights

Panelists largely drawn from USC’s faculty will consider the role of queer culture, art and activism in the City of Angels. Moderated by English and gender studies professor Chris Freeman, the panelists plan to cover the years from 1950 to the present, a groundbreaking period for the LGBTQ community, by any measure.

High music sales for Whitney Houston after death not surprising

With Whitney Houston’s televised funeral just one day away, her music sales remain at an all-time high. Currently, Houston’s The Ultimate Collection holds a top two-album position on iTunes, and the same rings true for Whitney: The Greatest Hits on In fact, the only artist currently outselling Houston is Adele, which, considering the way […]

In memory of Whitney Houston

It’s always a sad day in the music world when a legend who influenced generations of artists passes away. Whitney Elizabeth Houston, the iconic singer with the monumental voice, died this past week on February 11, in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Houston’s death hit close to home for many, including godmother Aretha […]

Project explores students’ reaction to idea of death

How often do the thoughts of death, mortality and existence cross college students minds? Faced with a symbol of finality, how would they react? That’s what Jayson Kellogg wanted to find out with his photography project “Memento Mori.” Taking its name from the Latin phrase for “remember you will die,” the junior sociology major’s collection […]