Farmer’s market

Despite the number of farmers markets that continue to crop up across Los Angeles, the trend of locally-grown ingredients sold in a communal setting is nothing new. Though people are more familiar with upscale shopping mall The Grove, the expansive market located just across the way from the glitzy stores is the first and original […]

Farmers Market will celebrate Oktoberfest

On Oct. 4, the Farmers Market in Los Angeles is holding a special event to celebrate Oktoberfest. Every Tuesday, from Sept. 20 to Oct. 11, the Farmers Market hosts a weekly event called Tuesday’s Best, which features shopping and restaurant specials, cooking demos, delicious food samples and live entertainment. This week’s Tuesday’s Best will feature […]

Farmers market offers unique experience

A Tuesday walk down University Avenue is no longer just a monotonous commute to and from class. It’s an experience. The farmers market, which was previously located at Shrine Place, offers more than 12 vendors who sell different types of food, clothing and accessories. Vendors offer a large selection of already-prepared meals such as Peruvian […]