Fitness technology hinders society’s perception of healthy living

It’s startling to think how little I know about life without technology. From very early on, I looked to the computer for entertainment and additions to my school curriculum. I later relied on my cell phone to communicate with my family and friends rather than talking face-to-face. I’m barely able to navigate campus without a […]

Senate votes on honors

Transfer students’ previous college grade point averages factor into graduating awards.

Letter to the editor

Honors designations are unfair to transfer students. If you are a graduating transfer student with a 3.7 GPA and you’re thinking of leaving with magna cum laude honors, think again. Upon transferring, you are led to believe that you have been issued a blank slate. The separation of transfer GPA and USC GPA is understandable, […]

Hyper-competitive admissions will leave out many students

As college admissions become more competitive, can any high school students really afford to be well-rounded anymore? Admission rates are sinking lower at many major universities. USC’s undergraduate admission rate dropped 4 percentage points this year. As the number of applicants grows, more and more applicants look for ways to differentiate themselves from the masses. […]