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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stand for an end to violence

Hispanic Heritage Month concluded on Oct. 15, and now Domestic Violence Awareness Month is coming to an end, but let’s not forget that stopping family violence is just as important as the people running for the 2016 presidential office. Elections come and go, but domestic violence hasn’t stopped. Since the presidential race started, a lot […]

LA County lacks racial integration

Sometime last week, I was walking across campus and talking with a friend about Los Angeles. The talk was engaging, but at one point he mentioned that he does not believe Los Angeles to be a particularly segregated city. His case is rooted in the fact that the city’s diversity is remarkable in terms of […]

Policy provides needed chance for minorities

My biracial identity has allowed me to have the unique experience of hearing about the two vastly different worlds my parents were born in. My mother grew up literally in the jungles of El Salvador, while my father grew up in the developed country of Canada. You can imagine my mother’s story was slightly darker […]