Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ undermines online privacy

Privacy has become a thing of the past with the onset of social media. With every tweet, Instagram post and Facebook check-in, we invite fellow social media users to know more about our lives. But even with the multitude of social media features, there must be limits.   Such limits were crossed Monday when Facebook […]

eReaders refocus on critical reading skills

In honor of National Reading Month, this week retail giant offered a $20 discount on all Kindle models, slashing the price of the basic model to just $49. I used to think the Kindle was an idiotic device, or, at best, something you could read while holding a snifter in the other hand. With […]

Etiquette should extend to Internet

Social media dominates almost every element of communication for our generation. It is even acceptable to use some names as verbs in colloquial speech: “Instagram that view, bro,” or “Nice to meet you, Facebook me later!” are phrases often overheard on a college campus. The presence of social media is nothing new but, if used […]