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Community role must be upheld

Essential to any top-tier university’s success is a positive public image. And essential to any positive public image is philanthropy, outreach and public service. USC accomplishes all three of these through its Good Neighbors Campaign. The fundraiser, held annually each October, supports university-community partnerships such as Troy Camp and the Community Health Fair. This year’s […]

Paint it forward

Students from Vermont Elementary, part of USC’s Joint Educational Project Young Scientist Program, paint a recycling-themed mural with aid from the MobileMural Lab, as part of a studio started by Nadine Afari, head of YSP, keying a recycling awareness push.

Students have much to offer economy

As students at a leading private research university in California, we have a duty to more than simply notice the escalating gap between the rich and the poor in the United States and abroad. Timothy Smeeding, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who specializes in poverty said to USA Today, “More than other countries, [America] has […]

Religious Center, JEP executive director to hold talk with students tonight

Thinking about the future and what lies ahead can often be a rather daunting activity. Hearing the stories of others and how their lives came together can help relieve some of that normal anxiety that we all feel. Today at the University Religious Center, students will be given the chance to listen to USC faculty […]