COLUMN: LAUSD needs proposed charter school initiative

Education is without a doubt one of the most important issues to Angelenos right now. And with the intent of many challenging existing programs to create ones which foster higher enrollment, graduation and retention rates, it is no surprise that the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education reviewed a report earlier this week which considers […]

Student voice on LAUSD will better diversify decisions

From protests on college campuses in the 1960s to vigils in response to the wave of violence in the 21st century, the student voice regarding issues that matter has always made a statement. During emotionally charged moments in our country, students and their movements have commanded the attention of adults and have swayed political decisions. […]

Food waste reduction should trump federal standard

When I was matriculating through elementary and high school, one of my least favorite aspects of any educational experience was lunchtime but not because I disliked the 45 free minutes to gossip, do homework and eat. I was wary of lunchtime because of the school’s limited options for lunch food. In the Los Angeles Unified […]

Informing teachers about grants vital to education

In today’s world, schools and teachers are expected to provide more services and opportunities to their students than ever before. In addition to a top-notch education, U.S. public schools are mandated to provide healthy meals, exercise opportunities, financial literacy, productive and  after-school programs and amiable social settings for the thousands of children matriculating through the […]

Teacher evaluations need improvement

Poor teaching plagues bright futures. Evaluating the performance of teachers has become essential to improving school systems across the nation; however, student scores on standardized tests should never be taken as the measure of an educator’s worth. With the rise of new test score-based models such as Los Angeles Unified School District’s “Academic Growth Over […]