Metal detectors are necessary in hospitals

Two decades since gun violence erupted on the scene at the USC Medical Center in 1993, Los Angeles County has decided to move on from the incident by planning to remove metal detectors and scanners from many major medical centers by the beginning of this summer. According to the Los Angeles Times, L.A. County plans […]

Holiday tree debate unnecessarily divisive

With the waves of tolerance that have been sweeping this nation off its feet, it’s no stretch to say that times are indeed changing. Ironically, even though tolerance is associated with the crumbling of walls, it also creates conflicts that pit groups against each other, such as the debate over the annual Rhode Island Statehouse […]

Black Friday poses moral and economic threat

The shoppers are at it again. This year’s Black Friday weekend surpassed last year’s record-breaking retail revenue of $52.4 billion, with Reuters recording $1 billion in online sales the first day alone. According to the Los Angeles Times, 247 million shoppers spent a total of $59.1 billion just this weekend—yet another record. As great as […]

Teacher evaluations need improvement

Poor teaching plagues bright futures. Evaluating the performance of teachers has become essential to improving school systems across the nation; however, student scores on standardized tests should never be taken as the measure of an educator’s worth. With the rise of new test score-based models such as Los Angeles Unified School District’s “Academic Growth Over […]

How should the Republican Party reinvent itself?

What made the difference between a second term for President Barack Obama and a first term for Mitt Romney? Ninety-three percent of black voters, 71 percent of Hispanic voters, 73 percent of Asian voters, 55 percent of women voters, 63 percent of voters earning a family income under $30,000 and 60 percent of voters ages […]

France’s homework ban is unjustified

Elementary students’ dreams came true last month when French President Francois Hollande promised to ban homework in all of the country’s public schools. The announcement was just one part of the newly elected president’s robust educational plan, which attempts to prioritize learning and equalize students’ abilities to succeed. In addition to eliminating take-home assignments, Hollande […]