Food waste reduction should trump federal standard

When I was matriculating through elementary and high school, one of my least favorite aspects of any educational experience was lunchtime but not because I disliked the 45 free minutes to gossip, do homework and eat. I was wary of lunchtime because of the school’s limited options for lunch food. In the Los Angeles Unified […]

Animal rights groups shouldn’t push veganism

What does the typical vegan look like? You might imagine a hemp-clad hippie or a willowy celebutante. In recent years, however, the vegan movement has gained some unusual participants, such as metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and former boxer Mike Tyson. There’s also a subset of body builders, the subject of a Jan. 4 article in […]

USC promotes healthy eating, doesn’t deliver

Fun fact: If you type “fast food desert” into the Google image search bar, an image of Figueroa Street pops up. The three-block stretch of Figueroa close to USC contains virtually every fast food chain imaginable.  We live in a fast food desert: healthy dining is hard to find, and it is often very far […]

Letter to the editor

Healthy food options needed A common complaint among USC students is the lack of healthy, nutritional food options around campus. There are no markets that offer entirely fresh, organic produce within a mile of school. The nearest healthy, organic market is far and unreachable to many students. USC should open an organic market on campus […]

Internet provides solutions for bad eating habits

You didn’t eat enough fruits or vegetables today. Chances are, you didn’t eat any at all. OK, that’s kind of an unfair accusation. Still, research shows that it isn’t unfounded. According to an Oregon State University study released last month, college men tend to eat five servings of the good stuff per week, while college […]

Build muscle mass for convenience

Have you ever visited a gym and seen the people benching pounds and pounds of weights, straining with each step until their muscles were so pumped up they looked like balloons? Have you ever seen someone finish a workout and gulp down ounces of a muscle-building supplement drink? Has it ever made you want to […]

New findings are not a real source of panic

The caramel color found in cola drinks such as Coca-Cola is contaminated with carcinogens, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit consumer advocacy group. The type of caramel coloring used for sodas isn’t what might come to mind when you think of the word “caramel.” Instead of simply melted or […]