Letter to the editor

The DREAM generation President Barack Obama bypassed Congress and implemented a new immigration policy Friday that will halt deportation of young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. Individuals under the age of 30 who arrived to the U.S. before the age of 16 would be eligible for such immunity, granted that they […]

Santorum calls Obama a snob regarding higher education

As the race for the 2012 Republican nomination heats up, Rick Santorum recently stirred up a bit of controversy. Speaking to an audience in Michigan, Santorum addressed President Obama’s message that he thinks all American citizens should have the chance to go to college. “President Obama once said that he wants everybody in America to […]

Obama visits Los Angeles

President Barack Obama wrapped up his two-day tour through California at a rally in Los Angeles Friday morning. During his speech at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, which drew a crowd of approximately 2,500, Obama attempted to rejuvenate the core Democratic base and acknowledged the vital role it played in his 2008 election. Obama […]

New document is a bold call to action

Last week, two members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff released a document that has not received much national attention but has the potential to be crucial in shaping the future of the United States. Released under the pseudonym “Mr. Y” — an allusion to “Mr. X’s” 1947 article that shaped America’s strategy of containment […]

Arizona’s Birther Bill vetoed

Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Monday that would have required presidential candidates to prove they were American citizens before their names could be placed on the state ballot.  The bill passed the state House last week and now will not become law unless legislators vote to override Brewer’s veto. Under the law, […]